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Increase your bank account
by increasing your impact!

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... With a pedigree that comes from working face to face with organisations like
CSIRO, TAL, CGU, University of Sydney as well as talented entrepreneurs.

Do any of these situations sound familiar??

♦ You have a dream of the difference you feel passionate about making.  So far, though, you haven’t been able to implement it quite the way you envisaged.

♦ You keep juggling between living the dream and doing what it takes to keep the money flowing in.

♦ The business seems to be at a standstill.  You know what you do makes a difference and you just don’t seem to break through to reach enough people.

♦ You’re stuck, puzzled, maybe disappointed and doubting yourself wondering what you have to do to prove yourself.

♦ Others who don’t seem to offer anything more than you are  have work rolling in and seem to have healthier bank accounts.

♦ Doing what you love feels like payment enough … until the bills start rolling in.

♦ You get positive difference on the work you’re doing. Traction, though, seems elusive.

♦ You feel like a failure, slowed down by a critical inner voice and lack of confidence.

Time for a change?

Imagine how different life would be if ...

♥ you no longer felt stuck and frustrated and instead were inspired, energised, focussed, passionate and inspirational.

♥ your passion for your Purpose inspired others to engage and contribute to making it happen!

♥ your clarity around what has been holding you back made it easy to identify and remove the barriers – effectively like taking the handbrake off.  Exciting!

♥ in understanding your own mind, you tapped into power beyond your awareness and your intuition became your guide, opening the path before you.

♥ you could see your amazing gifts and the unique contribution only you can make, instead of being pulled down by self-doubt.

♥ in recognising your value, you realised you need to reflect that value in what you charge, so you can reach and make a bigger difference to more people.

♥ you realised you could be unstoppable when you focus on the difference you could make

Here's what you'll get ...

With the Purpose to Profit Fast Track Program, you will move from:

  • Frustration to Clarity:  Understanding how well your mindset supports you – or not
  • Self-doubt to Self-worth: Resetting or fine tuning your mindset to remove limitations, strengthen your mindset foundations and recognise your own value
  • Dreaming to Manifestation:  Finding your Purpose – the unique difference you can make to potential clients and to your world – and building your business around it;  expressing your inspiration through your brand and ‘just doing it’.

OK, I get it. Let me in!

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Hear what 3 more of my clients had to say ...

"Most coaches get you to focus on achieving a specific goal - usually a smaller manageable goal. Working with Suzanne flipped my thinking completely and opened up my world so I could go for a BHAG that takes my breath away. I feel its enormity and I know I can achieve it.”

Suzanne's wisdom, about how to successfully overcome self limiting beliefs and behaviour, and propel her clients into living out ever more of their potential is second to none. Suzanne has 'been there and done that'. 
She unravels the mechanics of how high achieving, driven personality types self-sabotage. This sets Suzanne, and her skill set, apart from the majority of other consultants, trainers and coaches. I turn to Suzanne when I'm blocked and frustrated. I know she will spot my self-limiting patterns and help me get back on track.

I've been working with Suzanne developing her Imposter Syndrome board game. And, as a side-effect I've been going through my own transformation discussing her potent ideas. Imposterhood is very powerful stuff. You do need to be brave enough to look yourself in the mirror. Fortunately, Suzanne's coaching is filled with respect, generosity and empathy. That makes it so much easier to learn and grow. Suzanne and Imposterhood are going to be big!

More information? Of course!

Let me unpack the model of what I do and why this layered process works!

How does it work?

Modules for information, tools and processes for insight.
Coaching to embed learning and convert to habit.

9 Modules of Learning

Group Coaching every 2 weeks

Facebook Community

  • Video and Audio.
  • Slides. 
  • Worksheets.
  • Challenges.
  • Accountability without pressure
  • Recorded
  • Pre-submit questions if can’t attend
  • Learn from others who see things differently
  • Catch up on recordings
  • Access extra resources
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Learn from their experiences

What outcomes can I expect?

Provided you do the work …

  1. Recognise you have the power to increase the impact you make.  You may not be using it yet.
  2. As an ongoing resource: a Mindset Manual, explaining how your unconscious mindset is created, together with tools to surface these unconscious patterns.
  3. An evaluation of your existing mindset to make sense of the results you’re achieving … or not.
  4. A clear path forward – in the context of the impact you dream of making  – showing you precisely what you need to dismantle and build up to achieve that dream.
  5. Tools and processes:
    • to eliminate barriers and
    • build a strong foundation
    • increasing adaptability, receptivity,  positivity, resilience and resourcefulness.
  6. Recognition and acceptance of your talents, strengths, capabilities, skills, qualities … AND THEIR VALUE
  7. Own your successes and your role in more generalised successes. Creates a strong anchor and foundation to build on.
  8. Find your Purpose … or find the words for the Purpose that keeps you moving forward.  Go beyond ego to being of service. Enjoy more meaning and fulfillment in what you do.
  9. Use Purpose as your organising principle to align your resources and do more with less.
  10. Externally express who you are authentically and how you can be of service through your Brand.
  11. By taking conscious action, setting goals, having sales conversations, looking for feedback, addressing habits and ensuring daily actions are aligned, your dream becomes a reality

I'd love to get out of my own way!
It's time I made a bigger impact.

I know I'll get great value.
So what's the program going to set me back?

To be discussed with you, Howard.

I get it and I want it!!!

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