Purpose To Profit

A proven approach to finding your path to ‘success’ at work (as you define it) , to recognising your own value, embracing fair exchange and making a difference beyond the bottom line.

Success by Design is a group online implementation program  developed around the Purposeful Coaching 5 stage process. It provides under-standing, diagnostics, tools, and processes to take participants through that 5-stage journey to recognise and eliminate barriers to their success; to develop resilience, resourcefulness, healthy boundaries and other foundational capabilities; to design the future that lights them up and to provide them with tools to go out and make their difference.

Skirting Leadership is a combined training and coaching program designed to take your talented leaders and high potential managers through the 5 stage of the Purposeful Coaching Program to help them decode and dismantle barriers to their success, recognise their own value, develop a strong foundation to create sustained confidence and to design their careers to maximise their contribution to … and beyond … the bottom line. (Max. 20 people)


Purposeful Coaching is a one-on-one fully customised journey through the 5-stage Purposeful Coaching process to guide talented business leaders, founders and seasoned entrepreneurs to identify your overarching Purpose, define what career success means and looks like in that context, what stands in your way and the best path forward. 

This program is career – and life – changing!


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Crossed Bandaids

Purposeful Coaching is an approach. It is a training/coaching program designed around my proven 5-stage journey to DECODE your mindset, DISMANTLE barriers (such as Imposter Syndrome and feeling ‘not good enough’), DEVELOP a strong foundation on which to build your future, DESIGN that future starting with Purpose and finally to DELIVER – to get out and make it happen.

This journey is not for everyone. It’s for those who want to feel deeply confident, to humbly recognise their greatness, who want to use their gifts to make a significant difference through their work and who are ready to roll their sleeves up.

If that’s you, I’m looking forward to working with you and to helping you change the world!

A quick fix

A bandaid solution

Casual, easy and comfortable

It’s not for those who want to slap PURPOSE on over what they’re already doing, who want to storm as ‘corporate warriors’ using Purpose as a sword or to use it as a badge of honour without doing the work!

With respect, it may not be for you right now, or ever! And that’s fine. We all have our unique journey.

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