Find your Purpose
Change the World
Make a Profit!

Making a difference doesn't mean not making money!
To be sustainable and have the impact you dream of,
you need to be financially successful.

In a world starved of context, community, meaning and fulfillment, Purpose has become the popular focus for the next generation of business.  

So it’s not surprising that many existing businesses looking for the next commercial edge have simply added Purpose in and then returned to business as usual. Box ticked.

Purpose is not an add-on or a bandaid.

 It is the opportunity to truly design a business from the space of being of service and making a difference.

It’s a statement of intent that you can bring alive in the current market.

Being Purpose driven doesn’t mean scraping by or earning less than you are worth.

It means that money isn’t your focus! It’s a by-product of making a difference.

You seriously limit the impact you have if your business is not commercially successful.

 When your Purpose is inspiring, others want to be part of it.

You invite a higher level of engagement from all stakeholders.

You inspire action above and beyond basic execution.

You inspire support, collaboration and community.

And you live an inspired bountiful life!




Certainty is an inside job!

Life is pretty disrupted right now. Nothing is certain. How long are we going to be in isolation or lock down?  What will the world look like down the track.  And how long is that track? We were

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Why we should all care about the gender gap!

Women tend to become incensed when we talk about the different opportunities men have compared with women. Most men I talk with – good men – don’t see a problem with the status quo. In his famous commencement speech, ‘This

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Leadership has long been recognised as a critical area for business.

Significant resources are devoted annually to identifying and developing emerging leaders. Yet the results are not promising. A high proportion of leaders are considered by their followers to be incompetent. Why? They are deemed to be untrustworthy, lacking the qualities one expects in great leaders.

A key reason for this glaring deficiency is the Imposter Syndrome….


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