Lead with heart
Make a difference.
Generate sustainable profit.

Leadership impacts every measurable dimension of business.
Great leadership starts with self-leadership.
And it all starts with Purpose.

Purpose to Profit is a behavioural change consultancy.

We work with your leaders to develop their ability to effectively lead themselves, then lead others and the business.   Truly effective leaders inspire and engage their people, inviting and guiding them to collaborate and innovate. They inspire high performing teams and an inclusive culture … and ultimately help create sustainable business that meets the needs of all stakeholders

High performance, resilience and resourcefulness start with a mindset shift

Talented leaders can fall short of delivering on their potential if their mindset doesn’t support their success.

In our VUCA environment, the only certainty comes from Purpose – from leading with heart as well as Vision. Wholehearted businesses starts with leading ourselves before we can inspire others to follow. 



How to Increase your bounce-ability

The truth is we can’t control much at all in our external environment. Life can be messy, chaotic and even unfair. We may be hit with health issues, redundancy, divorce, death of loved ones, being passed over for

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Imposter Syndrome

Exploring the Imposter Syndrome

Why should you care about the Imposter Syndrome? Perhaps you’ve never had a moment of self-doubt in your life!  Chances are, though, with 70% of people experiencing it, you know what I’m talking about, or the people either

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Five Stars on Amazon

Leadership has long been recognised as a critical area for business.

Significant resources are devoted annually to identifying and developing emerging leaders. Yet the results are not promising. A high proportion of leaders are considered by their followers to be incompetent. Why? They are deemed to be untrustworthy, lacking the qualities one expects in great leaders.

A key reason for this glaring deficiency is the Imposter Syndrome….


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