Purpose To Profit

Do You Feel You've So Much More To Offer,
But Something Holds You Back?

You can be stuck in the wrong job or getting a business off the ground. Stuck in the wrong relationship or in the single life. You could be stuck in a lower pay grade with little reward and you're thinking you can't change your lot ...

What If Everything You've Been Telling Yourself Was Wrong???

In this "Imagine moving beyond the Imposter Syndrome" Guidebook,
you'll learn The 5-Step Process to create an exciting future full of meaning and rewards.
You'll also meet 5 women who did just that!

♥ Lea who walked away from her Board position because she didn’t feel she was good enough.

♥ Janine who believed she wasn’t intelligent in spite of a multi-million dollar business.

♥  Mia, a high ranking academic, who allowed others to define her worth.

♥  Elizabeth, a driven high performer who didn’t allow herself to celebrate her success and felt like a failure.

♥ Franki who believed she needed to support her entire family to be worthy of love and support.

Hear from two of my workshop participants

Even though it has only been a month since the workshop, I have noticed a definite shift in my own thoughts and beliefs. I expect that as I put some of the techniques that I learnt into practice that I will continue to notice more change. This is the course I have been waiting for for about 15 years so a big thanks to you Suzanne for running it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the workshop and coaching me. I wouldn't have had the courage - or eve the thought really - to have the discussion with my boss about really stepping up as a manager if it weren't for you and the work we've done together. I'm now managing 3 teams and I realise I'm i new territory now. You're the best compass around!

Isn't It Time You Started Creating
The Life You've Dreamed Of?

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Suzanne Mercier is an inspiring, intelligent, eloquent and highly skilled coach. Her online implementation program is fascinating, informative, fun, insightful and highly effective. Lots of hard work … and a wonderful gift I’ve given myself. Her expert guidance has set me up to better achieve my personal and business aspirations.

“Thank you Suzanne for being my coach. Our amazing work together on my mindset and leadership capabilities has made a huge difference in my confidence and performance. I love that you have helped me define the Purpose I’ve been expressing informally in the business and through my client service for years. I’m now aligning it throughout the business. I’m ready to make an even bigger difference as we emerge from COVID-19.”

Suzanne has a way of cutting through the crap to uncover the old limiting beliefs that held me back and helped me replace them to be more resourceful. I re-connected with my purpose and values. They guided our strategies and day-to-day decisions. The tools I have learned have truly helped me to become unapologetically, unashamedly me. It’s incredibly liberating.

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