Purpose To Profit

Yes, it’s an uneven playing field. Yes, there are inequitable situations in the workplace that make it harder for women to achieve the careers they want. And the  opportunities available for female business owners – such as access to funding – are markedly different. Yes, it seems that there is unconscious bias and double-standards that interpret what women do and how they do it very differently to the same actions from men.

All that is true.

However, another truth is that we don’t always take the opportunities that are in front of us. We may fear that we aren’t good enough. We may want to wait until we have all the competencies a job ‘requires’ or until we’re perfect. We may feel we’ll be ready soon … just not right now. We may dismiss our talaents and capabilities or fail to recognise their value, making it harder for us to make our contribution.

Our businesses may just be surviving – or not living up to their potential. We may be giving away our services or not charging their worth.

We may experience the Imposter Syndrome.


 Well, I certainly did!  And it held me back for SO many years. Until I got it! Here are a few of my insights:

* I recognised my worth.

* I realised no-one but me was going to ensure my business would be successful.

* I understood my mindset was my most significant challenge.

* I finally understood that there is a fine line between taking things personally and being emotionally engaged.

That’s when I developed my proprietary 5 stage process to take people from feeling they aren’t good enough to celebrating their success.

If you can relate, there’s only one question to ask yourself.

Have you had enough yet?  If so, check out the links below. I hope to meet you on your amazing journey!

All the best,  Suzanne