Purpose To Profit

You’ve got everything you need to be successful: a great idea that can make a difference; a business with huge potential to grow or a track record of making a valuable contribution at work.

Why can’t you seem to take things to the next level? Why does the success and validation you burn for seem elusive?

Having an idea or plan is wonderful. Simply having it is enough to fill you with hopes and dreams of the difference you’re going to make. It lights you up on the inside.

The reality though is that if you don’t act, that great idea, promising business or career path won’t manifest, leaving you with a feeling of failure or regret.

And that just may prove your worst fears – that you didn’t have what it took to make it happen.

Making yourself important and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to achieve your dream can feel incredibly uncomfortable for some of us.

Here’s what you need to remember. You have a unique combination of talents and qualities. There’s no one else like you. It’s highly likely you DO have what it takes. It’s just that your mindset gets in the way.

We perform to the level of our mindset … not to the level of our abilities.

How would it be, how would it feel, to walk comfortably in your own shoes knowing with deep certainty that you are enough!

If your answer is ‘Amazing’, ‘Fantastic’ or something along those lines and you’re ready to do something to get there, read on!

To have the FREEDOM to make choices,
the internal CERTAINTY to handle life's turbulence
and to find MEANING in your life ...
you have to SHOW UP

And that means taking Responsibility,
finding your Inspiration and then Focusing
to bring your business dream alive.

9 Projects will get you there!

  1.  Map your Mindset:  Understand the power of mindset to create your reality; map out your current roadmap; identify your default future; explore what ‘Showing Up’ means to you; determine the barriers and bridges in your mindset.
2. Dismantle barriers:  Drill into research and Power of beliefs to create our reality; focus on limiting beliefs about identity and capabilities, others, the world; question value in context of what you want to create; dismantle where not useful.
3.  Develop a strong foundation:  Take back your power with Internal Frame of Reference, boundaries, not taking things personally; develop resilience and resourcefulness; learn to convert your critical inner voice into a positive.
4.  Figure out who you are:  What are your core values – those priorities and standards that are non-negotiable; recognise how you currently show up and how you’d like to change that; identify your core philosophy and how that sets the context for work.
5.  Reclaim your Value:  Get back in touch with what you offer; Identify your strengths and the value they bring; work out your successes and the contribution you made to them; work on your Personal Brand and how to position yourself for success.
6.  Find your Purpose:  Figure out what drives you at a deep level using the best method for you.  Understand the power of purpose to create your ideal results and how Purpose influences your big goal, your strategies and day-to-day actions.
7.  Bring Purpose alive:  Understanding market dynamics and how your Purpose can be manifested; setting your big goal; comparing your ideal with where you are now; identifying strategies and actions to achieve your BHAG and live your Purpose.
8. Take Action:  Just do it!  Take action and get your plan off the paper; Learn about Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how to let go of perfection; Build High Performance Habits that will take your Purpose and Vision  from a dream to reality.
9.  Seek Feedback:  Uncover your blind spots. Figure out key drivers to measure performance; learn how to get client input; Develop Success Audit and how constantly improve without denting your confidence. Go fast and go far.

When you show up, you'll get
the freedom, certainty and meaning
that create happiness and fulfilment.

  • Self-awareness
  • The habit of growth
  • Personal Acceptance
  • Strong and healthy self-esteem
  • A strong inner core and personal trust
  •  Resilience and resourcefulness to go the distance
  • Curiosity about yourself and others instead of judging
  • Emotionally engaged without taking it personally
  • Purposeful with your intuition tuned
  • Inspired and inspiring others
  • Clarity about what you need and want to achieve
  • A plan to get you there, guiding day-to-day actions
  • Ready, willing and able to go for suitable opportunities
  • Ability to take feedback and extract the value
  • Willingness to be vulnerable and able to handle ‘rejection’

9 x 1.5 hour Online Modules.
1 for each Project
PLUS ►►►​

9 Online Group Coaching Sessions
to address questions and issues
in implementation

Each learning module is  available in your Members’ Area for review or to watch if you miss the live session.

Live Coaching sessions are recorded also so you can catch up or replay sections that relate to your progress.

PLUS ... Workbooks, Diagnostics, Checklists
and many more resources.
PLUS ... A half-hour personal one-on-one session via Zoom at the beginning to set you up for the best outcome


9 Modules every 2 weeks
starting 16 January 2019 at 8 am AEDT

9 coaching sessions every 2 weeks
starting 23 January 2019 at 8 am. AEDT

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If you participate in the first 2 modules and the first 2 coaching sessions, do the work and don't gain any valuable understanding or insights, ask me for your money back. I will want some feedback on what didn't work for you ... and I will refund your money with no problem.