Purpose To Profit

The issue of women in leadership is complex (perhaps even wicked) and includes many fators that are being addressed through popular women in leadership programs and unconscious bias training.

There is an area that has not been addressed. Or not addressed at the right level  the self-esteem and mindsets of the women themselves. this includes the Imposter Syndrome and the limitations that result.

The keynote and masterclass create awareness around the power of mindset, why the issue is self-esteem not confidence, the consequences of a limiting mindset and how to move to a mindset of success.

Once awareness has been established, the audience can opt to participate in the workshop if they experience the Imposter syndrome and are ready to deal with it.

The two-day workshop (2 x 1 day a week apart is optimal) helps participants move into a more resourceful space, identify and remove self-imposed barriers, develop an understanding and experience of healthy boundaries and authenticity. Participants develop resilience and resourcefulness and are better able to see the value they bring to their work and to recognise the contribution they can make.

The workshop is strengthened with the inclusion of coaching

Making it real!

The impact of training, no matter how powerful, is diminished over time. Participants generally find it challenging to contextualise their learning back into their work environment. Often they are too close to understand the patterns of situations that recur, personal reactions they experience or induce in others. Coaching guides them to a deeper understanding of their blindspots, their talents, successes and opportunities. It supports them to be increasingly comfortable with discomfort and vulnerability. In doing so, it enables the to step up and make their unique contribution.