Purpose To Profit

Do you want more out of life
than you're getting right now?

Imagine how life would be if ...

♥ you allowed yourself to enjoy the successes you’ve already achieved. instead of feeling driven to tick the box and move on, or

♥ you didn’t feel despondent and resigned to things just being this way, with no options to change, or

  you no longer felt stuck and frustrated and instead were inspired, energised, focussed, passionate and inspirational.

♥ you could see your amazing gifts and the unique contribution only you can make, instead of being pulled down by self-doubt.

♥ your clarity around what has been holding you back or getting in the way of enjoying your success made it easy to identify and remove the barriers – sort of like pruning a bonsai so it grows EXACTLY the way you want it to.  Exciting!

♥ you realised you could be unstoppable when you focus on the difference you could make

Imagination and reality will be a lot closer if you take The 28 Day Challenge.

My 5 Stage Process will take you there

 Kick the Imposter Syndrome to the curb.  Understand the immense power of your mind.   The Imposter Syndrome is described as the feeling of being a fake and fraud, of not being good enough when everyone else seems to have it handled.  It’s  a well-entrenched, complex and limiting mindset.  When you understand  how it’s created, what sets it off and how you cope, you can smash its power to limit your possibilities.  Change your mind and change your life, essentially.  Simple and not easy.

♥ Figure out what you REALLY want and why you want it.  Then use that as a context to triage your mindset … to figure out what are the most critical aspects of your mindset that keep you playing small or not enjoying your success.

♥ Roll up your sleeves and start pruning.  In the context of what you really want, what’s working for you and what isn’t.  Then use my tools and processes to prune what’s damaging, what’s not needed or what needs to be stimulated to grow.

♥ Develop your strong foundation. Create a philosophy that supports your growth, helps you create relationships of respectRecognise the value that you bring. Increase resilience and resourcefulness.

Inspire yourself and others with your Purpose.  It will carry you through uncertain times and help you make the difference nobody else can. Aligned with what you want to achieve, you’ll be unstoppable.

Hear what 3 more of my clients had to say ...

Suzanne has a way of cutting through the crap to get to the core of what’s holding you back. She teaches you to unpack your mind as if it were a dusty old kitchen cupboard and takes you through steps for a thorough spring clean, all the while helping you to re-connect with your purpose and values, ensuring they are guiding your strategies and day-to-day decisions. The tools I have learned have truly helped me to become unapologetically, unashamedly me. It’s incredibly liberating.

Suzanne's wisdom, about how to successfully overcome self limiting beliefs and behaviour, and propels her clients into living out ever more of their potential is second to none. Suzanne has 'been there and done that'. 
She unravels the mechanics of how high achieving, driven personality types self-sabotage. This sets Suzanne, and her skill set, apart from the majority of other consultants, trainers and coaches. I turn to Suzanne when I'm blocked and frustrated. I know she will spot my self-limiting patterns and help me get back on track.ers

I've been working with Suzanne developing her Imposter Syndrome board game. And, as a side-effect I've been going through my own transformation discussing her potent ideas. Imposterhood is very powerful stuff. You do need to be brave enough to look yourself in the mirror. Fortunately, Suzanne's coaching is filled with respect, generosity and empathy. That makes it so much easier to learn and grow. Suzanne and Imposterhood are going to be big!

After the first 4 Modules of the Challenge,
if you've done the work and haven't seen the results,
we'll give you your money back.
You will need to show me you've done the work 🙂

Your Investment

You can work with me 3 ways

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14 Modules of the 28 Day Challenge
* Video and slides
* Content and processes to guide your journey
* Workbook
* Resources
* 2 x group coaching sessions in 28 days.

All the features and benefits of Fast Track Lite
PLUS 3 months of group coaching (6 Further Sessions) to ensure you've really smash the Imposter Syndrome

All the features and benefits of Fast Track Lite
PLUS 3 months of one-on-one coaching to ensure you get absolute focus on ensuring the Imposter Syndrome won't hold you back from your dream.

Limited to 3 participants.

$397 AUD

$997 AUD​

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for September only.
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