Purpose To Profit

What lies beyond the Imposter Syndrome?

Moving beyond the imposter syndrome is a journey and an exciting one. As we start to recognise that who we are is enough; that there is no need or even a possibility of being perfect and that it’s those imperfections – or wobbly bits – that others find appealing, we develop a sense of roundedness.

We feel more connected with ourselves and the world around us. We believe in ourselves and that belief has a sound to it.

Our confidence in our own capabilities is no longer undermined by self-doubt. We recognise that we can’t be great at everything and are more comfortable letting others know that ‘this isn’t an area of expertise for me’ because we understand – and truly believe – that we have great value in what we are good at. We believe that the combination of our talents, capabilities and unique qualities means we carry out a role in a unique way and that unique way has great value.

We are able to stand next to and support other people’s greatness because we recognise and accept our own greatness.

We can put ourselves forward for opportunities and be philosophical about the outcome whether we get the opportunity or not.

We are more able to learn from situations that didn’t turn out the way we wanted and to change our approach, without taking it personally and beating ourselves up for not being good enough.

We are able to handle giving and receiving feedback, recognising it for the gift that it is.

We are at least more comfortable handling conflict and of differentiating what is actual conflict from simple differences of opinion.

We can go for the career we truly want – one that brings meaning and fulfilment for the work we do.

And finally because we’re no longer beating ourselves up and thinking we’re not good enough, we are capable of feeling joy and excitement. We can see what is wonderful around us – the beauty of our environment, the kindness of complete strangers, the support that comes from our families and often from unexpected quarters.

I know the journey is worth it. Are you ready? Are you or your talented people hungry for this opportunity?

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