Purpose To Profit

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Does it feel like you're constantly trekking uphill, battling headwinds and not getting ahead?

Running your own business is not an easy path.

Being a woman in business can be even tougher.

But if you want to stop sabotaging your own success, then you must confront one essential thing: yourself!

Too often we are our own worst enemy.

We judge ourselves harshly, undermining our own confidence.

We don't ask for help, believing we should be able to do it ourselves ... 'perfectly'.

We work hard, though not in the most effective way.

We fail to put ourselves forward in a strong and positive light.
We fail to have the crucial conversations that could make all the difference.

If you're not cutting through, being justly rewarded for your effort and making the difference you were born for, then join me for the "Get out of your own Way" Seminar.

Especially if you want 2020 to be different than 2019 has been.

  1. You’ll get to see the number one cause of your frustration, why it’s blocking your progress and stalling your business.

  2. You’ll understand the seven behaviours that can hold you back, and identify which one(s) have the greatest impact on your wellbeing and business outcomes.

  3. How to make a shift in an instant that lasts a lifetime, changing your business and your life.

Hi, I’m Suzanne Mercier.

I help women in business clear the obstacles that are holding them back so they can grow their business and make the difference they were born to deliver.

I’m privileged to work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders and managers, senior academics and scientists.

I hope I can help you too.

Wholeheartedly yours, Suzanne

SM Franki Double-cropped flippped

Suzanne Mercier is an inspiring, intelligent, eloquent and highly skilled coach.

Her online implementation program is fascinating, informative, fun, insightful and highly effective. Lots of hard work … and a wonderful gift I’ve given myself. Her expert guidance has set me up to better achieve my personal and business aspirations.

Helen Murray, Founder/ Owner, The Cat Butler

Suzanne has a way of cutting through the crap to get to the core of what’s holding you back. She teaches you to unpack your mind as if it were a dusty old kitchen cupboard and takes you through steps for a thorough spring clean, uncovering the old expired beliefs that no longer serve you, and replacing them, all the while helping you to re-connect with your purpose and values, ensuring they are guiding your decisions. The tools I have learned have truly helped me to become unapologetically, unashamedly me. It’s incredibly liberating.

Jacqui Nolan-Neylan, Co-Founder,  Revvies Energy Strips

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coaching me. I wouldn’t have had the courage – or even the thought really – to have the discussion with my boss about really stepping up as a manager if it weren’t for you and the work we’ve done together. I’m now managing 3 teams and realise I’m in new territory. You’re the best compass around!

Ellen, Senior Manager, TAL