About: High Performance

Most organisations have far more potential than they ever live up to. So, what is a high performing organisation? What gets in the way?

  • Leaders and Managers who understand and activate their roles as catalysts for the potential of the business and its people
  • Clearly defined and articulated Purpose, defining why the business exists and describing the contri-bution the business is seeking to make
  • An aligned Vision, Strategy and Culture
  • A focus on innovation for sustainable competitive advantage as well as the existing business of the day
  • Clarity at all levels of the organisation helping people understand the priorities for their work
  • A positive and proactive performance management system
  • High levels of employee engagement, capturing the hearts and minds of its people
  • Strong aligned employer and consumer brands
  • Well defined, articulated and delivered customer experience promise
  • Systems and processes that are effective and efficient in delivering that experience beyond expec-tations

How Can I help you

I guide your organisation to:

  • Find its heartbeat. Identify what fires you up as a leader and as a business. Capture and articulate your Purpose (the big Why) and Core Values that form the core ideology for your business.
  • Envision your Outcome: Help you identify what you want to achieve in your business. What is the ‘end goal’ as you see it now? How does it align with your Purpose and Core Values?
  • Feel your Pulse. Understand how the business is performing relative to your Vision. What’s working and what’s missing?
  • Challenge your Sacred Cows. Help surface your assumptions – the givens – and question their contribution to living your Purpose and achieving your Vision.
  • Design and Guide your Journey: Develop your strategy, planning how you’re going to achieve your Vision. As part of that journey, we help you identify and dismantle the roadblocks that stand in your way.
  • Engage your people: Engagement delivers the highest level of performance, customer service and ultimately bottom line. I help you develop an engaging workplace that invites your people to con-tribute to their highest capability.
  • Develop you or your talented people: Through speaking, training, coaching and consulting, I make sure you and your people come out richer, stronger and better able to make your unique contribution.

Meet Suzanne Mercier: Performance Catalyst

suzanne-mercierSuzanne is a performance catalyst with a strong business, communication and influence background. With more than 25 years experience in marketing, advertising, business strategy, branding, employee engagement, motivation and performance improvement, she helps organisations and individuals deliver their highest performance. As a natural communicator, Suzanne connects with people at all levels of the organisation from the person on the factory floor to the people occupying the highest echelons of the business. Read More.