Leave the frustration and self-doubt behind
Let go of perfection and that critical inner voice
Celebrate the talents and value you bring to the table
Decide what you REALLY want to achieve
Pursue your Purpose with courage and confidence!

What you will learn ...

Insight #1
Your mindset has more impact
than any uneven playing field

Insight #2
The barriers to your success
are unconscious and complex

Insight #3
With a strong foundation
you can bring any dream to life.

Yes, there is still an uneven playing field. Most of us would have to admit that we haven’t picked up all the opportunities in front of us. It’s usually not that we don’t have the capabilities. Learn why we get in our own way … and it has nothing  to do with not wanting the opportunities!

Our mindset is unconscious, impacts our view of reality, our health, our satisfaction. happiness and outcomes. To question the value of our mindset, we first need a map to find the treasure. This is a valuable piece of the puzzle. Start to map it out to identify what’s working and what is getting in the way.

The path to success is not straight-forward or even. It’s bumpy, filled with twists and turns, moments of disappointment and exhilaration. We need to be resilient to take ourselves to the edge of our comfort zone … and beyond. Learn how in this training.

... and so much more

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Hi, I’m Suzanne Mercier.

I help talented female leaders, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs – like you – recognise your immense value, let go of self-judgement and increase your confidence without compromising who  you are so you can achieve the success you REALLY want.

DATE: Tuesday 18th September, 2018
TIME: Option of 7:30 a.m. or 12:00 pm. AEST
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Tuesday 2nd October, 2018
7:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. AEST

Tuesday 16th October, 2018
7:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. AEDT

Suzanne Mercier is an inspiring, intelligent, eloquent and highly skilled coach.

Success by Design is fascinating, informative, fun, insightful and highly effective. Lots of hard work … and a wonderful gift I’ve given myself. Her expert guidance has set me up to better achieve my personal and business aspirations.

Helen Murray, Founder/ Owner, The Cat Butler


 Suzanne has a way of cutting through the crap to get to the core of what’s holding you back. She teaches you to unpack your mind as if it were a dusty old kitchen cupboard and takes you through steps for a thorough spring clean, uncovering the old expired beliefs that no longer serve you, and replacing them, all the while helping you to re-connect with your purpose and values, ensuring they are guiding your decisions. The tools I have learned have truly helped me to become unapologetically, unashamedly me. It’s incredibly liberating.

Jacqui Nolan-Neylan, Co-Founder,  Revvies Energy Strips

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coaching me. I wouldn’t have had the courage – or even the thought really – to have the discussion with my boss about really stepping up as a manager if it weren’t for you and the work we’ve done together. I’m now managing 3 teams and realise I’m in new territory. You’re the best compass around!
Ellen, Senior Manager, TAL