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We tailor our work to your needs: your size of business, your business issues and your stage of business development through the following services.


Button High Performance Framework

This is the full programme for creating a high performing Purpose-led business or practice. It evaluates your business performance in the 7 critical areas that drive performance: Leadership & Management; Direction, Alignment & Support; Innovation & renewal; Brand & Reputation; Employee Engagement; Processes and Structure, provides feedback on the opportunities and then works with you to address those opportunities.  It is a 12 month programme beginning with 3 days of facilitation with one day a month to support implementation. The programme starts delivering results from Month 1.


Button Business Planning

Business Planning assumes you have your Purpose (your Why) in place. What you may need is to identify how to deliver your Purpose in today’s market. This programme is about developing a Vision, broad strategies and a plan for your next 12 months.  In subsequent years, it guides you to step back from your business, re-evaluate and fine-tune your direction if needed, your strategies and your actions. The programme can be a stand alone off-site facilitation or a support programme that includes a half-day each month for 12 months to guide implementation.


Button Business Issue Consultation

Perhaps there is a particular issue that has arisen in your business which is derailing your performance. It could be you have a high level of employee turnover which costs your business time and money, as well as takes your eye off the prize.  Or perhaps you need to manage change and are encountering resistance.  We work with you to map out the problem and its causes. We facilitate developing a strategy and plan of action to address the business issue. Again, an option is to have us come back in to ensure you are making progress.


Button Business Development

Everyone is expected to market and sell their services these days, as well as to deliver exceptional customer service. Selling doesn’t come easily to most of us and we may avoid it. When this happens, businesses can go under. Marketing helps your key people understand how to position their services in the minds of their target market to identify what creates the exceptional customer experience for your clients.

Selling is connecting with the right people who are ready, willing and able to buy and use your services. But it’s not about pushing your offering. It’s about developing valued relationships and being a Trusted Advisor.  This programme helps your key people develop these capabilities.


Button for People Development

Leaders impact every measurable dimension of a business. Poor leadership can take a significant chunk of change off your bottom line through stress, disengagement, lost opportunities, poor productivity and lack of innovation in the business. Great leadership and management start with self-leadership and then expands to inspiring, leading and managing others.

Managers directly impact the level of engagement and performance (productivity and effectiveness) of their direct reports. Yet most managers are trained 10 years too late. They need to learn the key skills for their role so you, your business and your people are able to deliver the best they can.

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