How We Deliver High Performance

SPEAKING: Ignite curiosity

Keynote speaking – at conferences or other gatherings of a target group of employees – is a way of putting an agenda on the table, creating awareness, providing some information to pique interest, allowing attendees to “taste-test” the solution and generally to motivate those attendees to some course of action – often the next step in the process. For more information, click here

TRAINING: Get out of the box

Face-to-face Training tends to take a smaller group (usually no more than 20 people) into a subject area with far more depth and interactivity than a keynote can.The objective is to change attitudes and/or behaviour, depending on the subject matter and level at which the training is being delivered. Training can be delivered in a bite-size format of 2 hours, in a half-day, full day or multiple day format, or extended format with follow-ups over a defined period of time, depending on the objectives, time availability, subject area and approach. Skirting Leadership to support women’s career aspirations. Liberate Leadership for management and leadership training options

COACHING: Increase success satisfaction

Coaching is essential to embed learning from workshops, translate that learning into behavioural change, to help executives increase their awareness, improve their relationships, , find their leadership purpose, increase their leadership capabilities and engage their teams leading to enhanced performance.

FACILITATIVE CONSULTING: Find the path forward

Facilitation makes it easier for an individual or team of people to achieve a specified outcome by guiding their thinking in a specific context. Facilitation can be used to conduct research, bring disparate groups together for a common outcome, identify the best way forward for an organisation, together with the optimal way of achieving that Vision. Facilitation can guide brainstorming activities, fleshing out of operational plans … in fact, just about anything you wish to achieve that involves people can be made easier with expert facilitation.We have extensive experience in business strategy, business turnarounds, increasing employee engagement, improving leadership and management skills, creating effective communication, guiding courageous conversations and developing human potential, meaning we have the appropriate frameworks and experience to bring out the best in your people and to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

PRODUCTS: Do it Yourself!

Our products are designed for those who need or want to address particular issues and improve their skills in specific areas that relate to their personal or organisational leadership. By accessing products, you can move at your own pace, work in privacy and go back over materials for deeper understanding.


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