Purpose To Profit

An Emotional Purpose Engages your Board
or Executive Team

High level teams, such as Boards and Executive Teams, guide the Purpose, Vision and strategic development of the organisation, regardless of size.  

When the Purpose doesn’t go far enough – beyond the logical statement of the value you provide – there’s a significant missed opportunity.

For High level teams to make their unique and valuable contribution, they need to engage all members, elicit their diverse views and expertise and make robust decisions on the present and future of the business.

If all High Level team members are comfortable expressing their ideas, even in the face of opposition, that’s a good start.  

However, in our experience, many senior executives have firm views and may find it difficult to collaborate, to respect the views of others, to be open to someone else adding to their idea and to keeping a firm eye on the prize – the performance of the organisation.

Purpose to Profit has been involved in Auditing High Level Team performance to ensure communication and influence are working for the organisation.  Through surveys and one-on-one interviews we are able to identify opportunities to enhance performance and recommend suitable pathways.

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