February 2017 Newsletter

If you leave me, can I come too?

Hi there,
I owe you an apology. I have been absent for the past year, doing some serious thinking about life, health and business. Still, the cornerstone of any good relationship is trust and consistency.

I’m sorry.

I’m coming out the other end with clarity around what I love to do and where I can add greatest value.

This newsletter will bring you up to speed, hopefully in a way that is interesting and thought provoking.

I understand if you no longer want to receive my newsletters. I haven’t been a good ‘friend’. Still, in the infamous words of Mental As Anything (a terrific Australian band), “If you leave me, can I come too? We can always stay.”

I hope we can stay.
All the best

Purpose has come of age

Purpose is no longer the soft fuzzy concept it was once perceived to be. With a significant body of research to back it up, Purpose is now recognised as a key business driver.

Published data indicates that Purpose – together with the meaning and fulfillment it brings – is the most influential factor in employee engagement. It provides a context for key business goals and strategies. It opens up possibilities for innovation, conflict resolution. When embedded through leaders who recognise and demonstrate its power, Purpose makes a significant impact on bottom line.

It’s not enough to identify and express your personal or business purpose though. It needs to guide all decisions and actions on a strategic and every-day basis.

Purpose has been a personal passion for more than 20 years, since my advertising days. It’s no longer an act of faith. Purpose is now a sound business investment. Here are a few posts you may want to read.

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The Imposter Syndrome hasn’t gone away!

You may be aware that this is an area I’m devoted to helping resolve. I’ve long believed that the Imposter Syndrome was a business issue. Logically it impacts engagement, career trajectory, innovation, high performing teams … the list goes on. Recently, the University of Salzburg published its research confirming that it indeed impacts aspirations and performance at work.

While it’s not a business responsibility, it is a significant business opportunity!

People are reaching out for help. I was interviewed on ABC Radio National Life Matters last week with an overwhelming response asking for my e-book. I am offering a Free Online Seminar for those who want to explore the issue further. And my 2012 book is now up on Amazon as a Kindle book. Perhaps the message is now falling on fertile soil. Here are a few links if you’re curious about the Imposter Syndrome:

www.imposterhood.com (free e-book)

ABC RN Life Matters Imposter Syndrome interview

Liberate Leadership: How the Imposter Syndrome undermines Leadership capability and what to do about it (Kindle on Amazon)

Free Online Seminar for Imposter Syndrome: “From Sabotage to Success”

Would the glass ceiling exist if we didn’t play small?

The Imposter Syndrome is alive and thriving in business

University of Salzburg Study on Imposter Syndrome and work

Australia is falling behind in closing the Gender Gap

The World Economic Forum has published its 2016 Global Gender Gap comparing men and women on four factors: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival and Political Empowerment.

Australia is not progressing on this front as fast as other countries considered far less developed than we are. In fact, when compared with other countries, Australia is falling behind. From the rank of #16 about 6 years ago, Australia is now #46.

Ahead of us are the Scandinavian countries (no surprise there) , Rwanda, Namibia, the Philippines, Mozambique and Estonia amongst many others. Ranked #9, our Kiwi friends are way ahead of us. If it’s any comfort, the US is #45, just ahead of us.

The prediction is at this rate it will take 170 years to close the gender gap!

I firmly believe that mindset is a critical missing piece of this wicked problem (as against complex or simple). Many women don’t step up to take the opportunities in front of them, or if they do, they change how they show up in order to fit in. My Skirting Leadership program has been proven to change mindsets and positively impact women’s willingness and ability to put themselves forward for opportunities to advance their career.

Perhaps when we step up, we’ll make faster progress on closing the gender gap.

Global Gender Gap report 2016
Skirting Leadership or Open to Possibilities