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7 Reasons you may be waking up at 3 am
stressed, heart pounding, mouth dry
... because of work!

  • Why 3 am is the witching hour!
  • Why running your own business is such an uncertain space … as if you didn’t know already.
  • Why we interpret that uncertainty as not being good enough.  
  • Why it can be challenging to figure out what’s really bothering you and how to get clarity.
  • Why your inner critic is trying to be your friend and how to direct its actions to be more supportive.
  • Why one of the most common causes of stress at work is poor boundaries and how to set up or reactivate your boundaries.
  • … and so much more including how to handle stress at work so you can get a good night’s sleep … and be as successful as you choose.

Hey there,

Suzanne Mercier here. I help talented female leaders,  business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs – like you – move beyond self-doubt and limitation to achieve success and make the difference only you can make.

This E-Book will help you identify the potential causes of your 3 am wake-up call and what to do about them.

I look forward to meeting you somewhere along this amazing journey.

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